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Youth Invests for Peace

His name is Fawwaz ILIASSA, 25, a native of Koimbani Oichili, Island President of the National Network of Young Leaders for Peace, who holds a law degree. He has been a founding member of the network since 2014. Here he gives us his experience in the mediation and settlement of conflicts between young people in the communities.

I was marked by the history of the town of Iconi which is a town near Moroni, the capital and which saw conflict between two rival neighborhoods. The town was divided into two clans and the inhabitants clashed, and material and economic damage was noted. Cars on fire, wounded peolpe in both clans and many families torn and divided. This situation is one of the intra-village conflicts that caused a lot of damage and that lasted in time.

In the network's action plan for youth capacity building and recruitment for peacebuilding, a youth from that locality had the opportunity to participate. The selection of young people for training is usually done by identifying areas at risk of conflict or fragility or often by those who are responsible for the disorder.

Haifaou Younous, a young girl from this locality who has benefited from mediation and conflict management training with the network, has taken the initiative with other young people to unite the young women in the process of social mediation of two Clans in a process of prevention and reconciliation. It has called on the youth network for peace to help train local youth in social mediation and conflict management, conduct peace conferences, organize various cultural activities to raise awareness of the issue.

Ensuring the sustainability of peace

At the end of these awareness-raising and communication activities, the Iconi Women's Solidarity Youth Association was founded in this locality and contributes to the promotion of peace. This involvement of girls in conflict management has contributed to the reconciliation of the two clans. Today the two parties meet, exchange, frequent and contribute to the development of the city. Very active in the field, the Iconi Women's Youth Association for Solidarity has only one objective "to perpetuate this experience and to capitalize on this experience in other communities in conflict".

The national network of young leaders for peace a model in the initiation of community peace

This network was created in 2014 by UNFPA's initiative with Peacebuilding Funds (PBF) and has more than 600 young adherents and trained in social mediation and conflict management. Referring to Resolution 1325 (2000) adopted by the United Nations Security Council, the project "Rehabilitating the Role of Women and Youth in the Process of National Reconciliation and Peacebuilding" promoted participation Women and youth to play a role in conflict prevention and resolution and peacebuilding, hence the value of the project and its uniqueness. On the one hand, it offered a special opportunity for women and young people to participate in efforts to maintain, consolidate and promote peace in the country. On the other hand, women and young people are fully involved and participate more fully in community decision-making for prevention and dispute resolution, and the strengthening of social cohesion in the country